Developed in 2014 the HDM rotary valve has been designed using finite element analysis to make the housing even more robust. Working with the foundry, improvements have been made to the quality of the external finish of the castings.


Food, General Industry, Mineral, Plastics, Power and Biomass, Process and Petro-Chemical, Recycling

Typical Applications

  • Metering device, airlock, explosion containment, flame barrier and system isolation 
  • Suitable for gravity, positive pressure and vacuum conveying systems 
  • Powders, granules, pellets, grain, feed and chips 
  • Can be adapted for virtually all types of product characteristics 


  • Over 15,000 different configurations that can be adapted to suit virtually all applications 
  • Bespoke versions and sizes 
  • 18 month warranty 
  • Valve housings are individually pressure tested for 10 bar(g) explosion and flame containment requirements 
  • Backed up by over 50 years of collective  applications experience
  • ATEX approved