The HDMC rotary valve is a cost effective solution based on the HDM valves for occasional cleaning of the valve internal.

The non-drive end cover can be quickly removed to gain access for cleaning which can be carried out by plant operators without the need for special tools.

Various standards of finish are available to suit most hygienic applications; however, for more stringent requirements and frequent cleaning consider the HDMF fast clean rotary valve.

With the design being modular and the cleanable range incorporating a tapered rotor, this valve can be converted into a fast clean version (HDMF) by simply retrofitting guide rails and the Rotalign™ (GB Patent No. 2 522 293) bearing assembly, which is our self-centralising rotor design.


Dairy, Food, Plastics, Recycling

Typical Applications

  • Metering device, airlock, explosion containment, flame barrier and system isolation 
  • Suitable for gravity, positive pressure and vacuum conveying systems 
  • Powders, granules, pellets, grain, feed and chips 
  • Can be adapted for virtually all types of product characteristics 


  • Taper rotor 
  • Over 15,000 different configurations that can be adapted to suit virtually all applications 
  • 18 month warranty 
  • Valve housings are individually pressure tested for 10 bar(g) explosion and flame containment requirements 
  • Backed up by over 90 years collective applications experience
  • Can be converted in to a HDMF fast clean 
  • ATEX approved 

The Rota Val Rotor Adjustment design is a 'Patented Design'.

The Rota Val 'Rota-Lign' has a 'Patent Pending'.