Food, General Industry, Mineral, Plastics, Power & Biomass, Process & Petro-Chemical, Recycling

The TB Plug Diverter Valves are designed to route virtually any material, including those with a tendency to plug, within a pneumatic conveying system. The TB Plug Diverter can be used in both the diverging and converging modes. The valve may be used in positive conveying systems up to 1 barg and also vacuum conveying systems.

The TB type Plug Diverter Valves are suitable for use within dense phase conveying systems when fitted with seals between the plug and valve housing.

Two versions are available:

(TBN) Nylatron spring loaded seals, suitable for conveying systems up to 2 barg, no additional controls are required.

(TBS) with Inflatable seals, suitable for conveying systems up to 5 barg, control is by the client's PLC or Rota Val control box.

Both types are ideally suitable for fine powders.

The TBS is ideal for inert gas conveying systems.