Developed in 2014 the BSM blowing seal has been designed using finite element analysis to make the housing even more robust. A new casting pouring method has been used to improve external finish and casting integrity


Food, General Industry, Mineral, Plastics, Power and Biomass, Process and Petro-Chemical, Recycling

Typical Applications

  • Metering device, airlock, explosion containment, flame barrier and system isolation 
  • Suitable for gravity, positive pressure and vacuum conveying systems 
  • Powders, granules, pellets, grain, feed and chips 
  • Can be adapted for virtually all types of product characteristics 


  • Over 15,000 different configurations that can be adapted to suit virtually all applications 
  • UK sourced castings 
  • Bespoke versions and sizes 
  • 18 month warranty 
  • Valve housings are individually pressure tested for 10 bar(g) explosion and flame containment requirements 
  • Backed up by over 90 years collective applications experience
  • ATEX approved